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Who is Team Rhino.. and other FARQ? (Frequently Asked Rhino Questions)

Who is Team Rhino?

Team Rhino is a group of like-minded athletes who embody the mission, vision, and values of Baby Rhino and represent our brand in an authentic way.  We are a family of men and women who support each other and push each other to achieve our athletic goals and give back to our communities. 

Our motto is: “Stand Out From The Pack!” and we love trend-setting style.

Team Rhino is truly the only multisport team, a diverse group of men and women, athletes of all ages and fitness levels who are passionate about health and wellness and strive to accomplish extraordinary goals we never thought possible by cheering each other on and supporting each other.  Members of Our Tribe are people who love a wide range of sports, including triathlon, cycling, swimming, running, yoga, Pilates, surfing, paddle boarding, hiking, kayaking, weight training, fitness competitions, and basically anything that gets our adrenaline flowing.  Athletes in Our Ohana celebrate each other's  achievements and personal records, whether that means qualifying for national or world championships, or tackling a new athletic goals they never thought possible. Each member of Team Rhino is a true ambassador who exhibits the kindness and sportsmanship that has come to define Baby Rhino.  Teammates support each other and inspire one another - novices are encouraged by veterans, while more experienced athletes are also inspired and re-energized by new-comers. 

Our Tribe are brand ambassadors who live by the Baby Rhino Creed, living life to the fullest; challenging ourselves to pursue new goals; pursuing adventures wherever we go; and showing kindness and love to others-   This is why Team Rhino stands for so much more than the clothes we wear.  We are people who truly commit to what it means to be a Team, supporting our teamates as well as family and friends; sharing knowledge; and sharing our adventures in sports and in life.  We are a supportive network of athletes with purpose-  People who look to inspire others to pursue health and wellness, and who give back to our communities; the sports we love through volunteerism; and charities that make a difference in our world. 

FARQ (Frequently Asked Rhino Questions)

Q.  How often do you accept members to Team Rhino?

A.  Once a year. Applications open for Team Rhino once a year as we look to build a strong, supportive community of athletes who support each other, cheer each other on in races and in life, and train and race together whenever and wherever possible.

Q.  Does everyone who applies get accepted into Team Rhino?

A.  No. And no apologies here.  Baby Rhino accepts a diverse group of people, but not everyone is cut out to be a Baby Rhino or represent our brand.  Why?  Because we believe that members of Our Tribe should live by Our Creed.  Our values and culture as so important to us, and we truly believe that, “Our vibe attracts Our Tribe,” meaning we respect each other and share our commitment to having a greater sense of purpose-  to each other, our communities, and our planet.

Q.  Do I have to be fast, skinny, young, or an elite athlete to be on Team Rhino?

A. Heck no! We founded Baby Rhino on the premises that it doesn’t matter if you are young, old, skinny, overweight, a newbie or an elite athlete.  We are not about exclusivity!  We are about loving people where they are at and inspiring health and fitness.  We support members of the team who finish a race or competition at the back/middle/or front of the pack.  And what if you don’t race?  It’s about getting out there and being committed to your own health and wellness, and having fun while having adventures living an active lifestyle, while cheering other members of the team on in their activities.  As a Team, we support each other, engage with each other (in person and on-line), and just plain have fun together.

Q. What if I am a member of a local club or have my own sponsors? Is this a problem?

A.  No. We are not a local triathlon, cycling, running, or fitness club (etc).  We encourage our athletes to continue being contributing members of their athletic clubs/teams/communities, and maintain their relationships with their existing sponsors (unless they conflict with Team Rhino’s).  Team Rhino is an international community of athletes who spread the RhinoLove locally as well.

Q.  What kind of support do I get as a member of Team Rhino?

A.  We believe we have the best team of athletes who truly become “Ohana,” or family, and envelop each other in a community of support. We care about each other as athletes and as people and get involved in each other’s lives.

In addition, Team Rhino has an amazing Team Coach, who provides support and coaching services to members of Our Tribe.  From daily coaching insights and tips to 1:1 support, our Team Coach has a plan for each athlete.

Q.  Is there a financial requirement to be on Team Rhino?

A.  There is no membership fee or specific financial requirement to be on the Team. We recognize that everyone has to be budget-conscious and everyone has different financial circumstances.  We don’t require members to purchase every product we sell in our store.  However, everyone on Team Rhino has the opportunity to purchase special edition custom Team Rhino apparel that is only available to team members at exclusively discounted rates.  In addition, members of Our Tribe receive incredible discounts on Baby Rhino Gear as well as on products from our team sponsors. 

Q.  What do we want from members of Team Rhino?

A.  As a member of Our Tribe, throughout 2019, we expect that you represent Baby Rhino by living by Our Creed; being a positive and contributing member of the team; and contributing to your community or volunteering. This is our mission and we are looking for those who can spread the RhinoLove by posting on social media, writing blogs, and wearing their Baby Rhino team apparel in while racing or competing.

Q.  Do you require 5,000 posts a month on social media?

A. No way! We are not the social media police!  Being on Baby Rhino is about having an authentic experience on a genuine team.  We are the best team around and want you to feel that you are part of special group of people who #standoutfromthepack .  How do we build our sense of Tribe and community?  With your help.  Our goal is to build a brand and team that you’re proud to be a part of.  When you wear our Team Gear and Apparel with pride and spread the RhinoLove wherever we go, whether training, racing, or just running errands, your passion for health and fitness is contagious!  That being said… We also believe that branding is everything.  When you share the love and are seen having fun while living an active lifestyle, others want to join in and be a part of this amazing Tribe.  Spreading the RhinoLove should be genuine-  That’s why we don’t required 5,000 social media posts.  We just ask that you live Our Creed, share information about Baby Rhino products and Team Rhino, and post about the fun adventures you’re having. 

Team Rhino in a nutshell (or pack):

 Our Creed:

  • “Stand Out From The Pack”
  • Be extraordinary!
  • Carpe Diem! Live life to its fullest
  • Pursue adventures- Life is too short not to make the most of each moment
  • Always challenge yourself to pursue new goals
  • Show kindness and love to others
  • Make a difference in this world- Pay It Forward!
  • Everything happens for a reason- Believe and embrace it!
  • Don’t be afraid to laugh… at yourself and at the little things in life

 Our Tribe Benefits:

    • Train, compete, and race in RhinoStyle, in our exclusive Team Kit
      • Baby Rhinos in Our Tribe receive the Team Kit “at cost” (a HUGE savings from retail!)
    • Discounts in the online store throughout the year, with Free Shipping in the U.S. on all orders over $150 and discounted international shipping.
      • Discounts on Baby Rhino events and on events sponsored by Baby Rhino
      • Additional special discounts provided throughout the year
      • SWAG: Each member receives free treats, gear & sponsor give-a-ways which will occur monthly in 2019! 
    • Incredible discounts from our sponsors and partners, ranging from 10 – 60% off products such as swimming, cycling, running, nutrition, apparel, and hydration.
    • Receive coaching and fitness tips from our Head Coach, Robin Sandos; Team members also receive discounts on multisport training programs from Robin Sandos, elite triathlete and USAT Coach.
    • Online Community & Camaraderie:  Enjoy membership in our private Team Rhino Facebook community page, where you can network; share knowledge; receive valuable information on health and fitness; and coordinate meetups for training and racing with other members of Our Tribe.  Members of our team bond together like a family. Our active and engaging online community is a huge part of what our athletes love about this team. In our private team forum you can ask questions and get guidance from your teammates or our Head Coach, or find someone to join you in your latest adventure or race. 
    • Opportunities to participate in group charity events
  • Receive a free custom kit and/or kit of choice when you qualify and compete in a national or world competition
  • Earn extra Tribe gear when you participate in Team Events
  • Opportunities to share special promotions to friends and family each quarter
  • Insider scoop on new products and gear, with ability to impact Baby Rhino through your input and feedback
  • Promotion of members through our own social media

 Commitment to The Tribe:

  • Team Rhino’s mission is to train hard, race to the best of your ability, promote a healthy lifestyle, and represent our amazing group of sponsors. As ambassadors of Baby Rhino, The Tribe represents the essence of our mission and brings our apparel brand to life.
  • Each athlete agrees to be a contributing member of Team Rhino, by supporting members of the team, showing good sportsmanship, and working together to exemplify the mission of Baby Rhino. Baby Rhinos rally behind their team mates while training and racing –  whether they’re in the front of the pack or the back of the pack. 
  • Baby Rhinos strive to “pay it forward” in your community, through charitable support, or by supporting athletic volunteerism.
  • Baby Rhinos train, compete, and race in RhinoStyle, in our exclusive Team Apparel and/or in Baby Rhino Wear.
  • Each member of The Tribe agrees to positively promote Baby Rhino through social media each month, at a minimum, and also agrees to represent our sponsors. Again, we believe that posts and interactions should be genuine, and we are not the social media police-  that’s not how we roll.
  • Live the Baby Rhino Creed and spread the RhinoLove wherever you go and in whatever you do.


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