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The Rhinos Behind Baby Rhino

Laura and Geo formed Baby Rhino Multisport out of a passion to bring trendsetting, high performance athletic apparel to people regardless of age or size, whether you are XS or 3XL.  We know from our own experience as athletes, that too often, athletic wear is a sea of black fabric that fits only the “ideal body type,” and is created to be used for one specific sport, so we wanted to do something about it. And we wanted our brand to make a difference-  A difference in the lives of athletes; a difference in our community; a difference in the world.  
So, we set out to redefine multisport by designing our brand of versatile, vibrant athletic wear that promotes people to train and compete in a variety of sports, from triathlon to paddle boarding, protecting people from the harmful affects of the sun, with UPF 50+ protection.  Then, we went one step further-  We decided to use our brand to make a difference, which is why we created Baby Rhino with a cause:  To inspire change and pay it forward by supporting charities that help Save the Rhino, Save the Planet, and take a stand against cancer.   
So, Who are The Rhinos behind Baby Rhino?
Geo, aka, the original Baby Rhino, is a self-professed fashionista, who has always been creative, driven, and loved anything to do with art and music.  Growing up, he played football and drums..  and clearly marched to the beat of his own drum, playing any sport he could because he loved being active, and could never “sit still” with his ADHD.   His love of sports never stopped, and even later as an adult, after becoming a successful Senior Executive in Facilities Management by day, his nights and weekends were filled with competing in numerous Ironman triathlons and road races; hiking as many mountains as he could; and developing a love of kayaking.  Geo always joked that he looked like a “Baby Rhino,” because he did not have the typical athletic body type, but decided he wanted to do something about it by developing athletic apparel that not only fit, but looked stylish and fun.
Laura has always been passionate about health, fitness, and fashion.  Growing up, she was the first girl in her town to play Little League Baseball and she loved skiing, and climbing trees and mountains.  But, her mother recounts that she was far from a Tom Boy, and at age 8, even designed her own “Tree-Climbing Outfit” so that she would look fashionable while playing outside. In a dress.  With silk gloves.  Later as an adult, after spending years in “Corporate America” as a Vice President of Human Resources, Laura found her passion for triathlon, then paddle board and paddle board yoga as a healthy way to deal with a debilitating back injury.  Laura also wanted to create stylish athletic apparel, but after seeing friends and family deal with skin cancer and having personally completed treatments for a year and a half herself, she wanted to ensure that athletes train and race with the proper protection from the sun.
We realized that together, we could unite our passion for fitness and fashion through creating Baby Rhino.  Our philosophy that Baby Rhino is based on-  Our Creed- is that the average person can accomplish extraordinary goals.  We want to live life to its fullest.. Carpe Diem!  Life is short and we must pursue adventures; train and race hard; show love to others; challenge ourselves to pursue new goals; and make a difference in the world around us while having fun living an active lifestyle. The Rhino is known as a living unicorn and is the embodiment of power, strength, and loyalty, a symbol that you can't judge a book by its cover.  Everyone needs to be able to be fashionable while pursuing their fitness goals and everyone can make a difference by paying it forward in our communities.  
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