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Our Mission

save the rhinos

Our Mission

Save the Rhino.  Be a BabyRhino.  Make a difference.

We love rhinos, and these living unicorns are critically endangered and need our help. 

Baby Rhino is committed to saving this endangered animal and giving back to our communities through donating to Save the Rhino International, Inc. , Save the African Rhino Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) other charitable causes.  

Our mission is to not only save this majestic beast, but to also give back to our communities.  Thanks to our customers, we donate a portion of every sale to create a future that sustains the animals and people on this earth, through the charities we partner with.  We are committed to showing love through action by working together to help save these beautiful animals, so we use our brand and lifestyle to pay it forward and inspire change. 


Our Goal

Be Love In Action.

Our goal is to build a business that provides high performance, trendsetting athletic apparel and gear AND inspire change-  A company that pays it forward and inspires others to do the same by being love in action.

We want to make people feel empowered-

Empowered to be healthy and pursue their health and fitness goals.

Empowered to make a difference on this planet by giving back to their communities through volunteerism.

Empowered to help us Save the Rhinos.

We are Baby Rhino.


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