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Sunburst Collection

Our Sunburst Collection will make you shine brighter than the sun in our hi-vis neon bright colors.  Inspired by the sun, blue skies, and the lush greens of the earth, you will feel the energy bursting from this performance wear. 

The Sunburst Collection serves a dual purpose with our hi-vis neon, as we want to help athletes be seen.  Bicyclist fatalities have increased 12.2% since 2014, and at least 2 bicyclists die every day in the U.S. alone.  We designed the Sunburst Collection so that athletes will be seen and we hope this positively impacts these alarming statistics, while also providing UPF 50+ sun protection.  

Whether you are training or racing, you can cycle and be seen by traffic while working out in eye-catching style!  You don't need plain black athletic wear to train,  since our Sunburst Collection will help you #standoutfromthepack with its flare of colorful style. 

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