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The Birth of Baby Rhino

Laura Peterson

Posted on April 12 2018

There we were, in a little cafe in Kona, Hawaii, called Lava Java, and Geo looked at me and said, "Let's do it, Baby!  We can do this!  Are you in?"  I looked at him and thought of all the reasons why we couldn't, and then about how badly we wanted this dream to come true.  I knew that with Geo as my partner in life and in business, we could do it.  We had to do it.  We had to follow our heart and our dreams.  I also thought of a piece of advice from my good friend and life coach, Kelsey Abbott, who encouraged me that life is about taking risks, saying, "Pursue love, not fear."

So, while looking outside that busy cafe, with the beauty of Hawaii as our inspiration, we made the decision-  "Yes!  Let's go for it, Babe!"  We sealed our decision with a kiss, toasted with a delicious cup of Kona coffee, and Baby Rhino was born.

Leaving behind corporate America was easy.  Leaving the comfort and stability of my career as Vice President of Human Resources was scary.  But we knew we had to be "all in" if we really wanted to bring Baby Rhino from a thought to reality.  We believe everything happens for a reason, and that God and fate have a way of directing your path.  Although we had been talking and dreaming about developing Baby Rhino over the past year, we thought we would start off slowly, while I stayed in my full-time position.  However, when we returned from Hawaii, the company I had been working for was struggling financially, so we decided that this was a sign that we needed to take the plunge.  It was time for Geo and I to put our passion into action and launch Baby Rhino!

Geo and I have always loved fashion and fitness.  Geo, an Ironman triathlete, is my trainer, partner, and inspiration. He loves doing anything active and is always up for adventures.  I love triathlon, and over the years have embraced a variety of sports, now being a Paddle Board and Paddle Board Yoga instructor, and fitness competitor.  Our vision for Baby Rhino was to use our addiction to fitness and fashion to redefine "multisport" beyond triathlon, promoting health and wellness as a lifestyle that encompasses a wide array of sports.  We want Baby Rhino to encourage people to be active and have fun in a variety of adventures,  providing athletic apparel that is high performance while being comfortable and versatile for an active lifestyle. 

So why the Baby Rhino as our logo?  Because Geo IS The Baby Rhino!  Geo has a great sense of humor and has always poked fun at himself that he has the look of a Baby Rhino-  short, stocky, strong.  But, don't underestimate him!  He is super fast, just like the rhino, who can run up to 40 mph, as fast as a thoroughbred horse!  But, everyone can be like the rhino, so we decided that we wanted the rhino to be our logo for several reasons:

1.  The Rhino is the embodiment of power, strength, and loyalty and is symbolic that you can't judge a book by its cover.  This relates to our brand because we want to provide athletic apparel for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes, from XS to 3XL.  Everyone needs to be able to be fashionable while pursuing their fitness goals.

2.  Our Mission:  BabyRhino is a brand with a cause.  We love rhinos, these amazing living unicorns, who are critically endangered and need our help.  We want to be more than a brand-   We decided to use our brand and lifestyle to inspire change and pay it forward by supporting charities that help Save the Rhino, Save the Planet, and take a stand against cancer.   Being a Baby Rhino is about making a difference.  We hope others will join us in our quest to, as Ghandi emplored, "Be the change." 

3.  The Rhino is an animal that stands out from all others.  Our goal is to have trendsetting athletic apparel that is fun to wear and brings a smile to people's face, yet holds up to the toughest workouts while providing SPF 50 to protect people from the harmful effects of the sun.  Too many brands are ultra-serious.  Although our apparel is serious about performance, it is vibrant, colorful, trendy and protects the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays.  Life is too short and we must not take everything, or ourselves too seriously.  We need to smile more; laugh more; and have more fun in all we do.  We think our RhinoWear helps give you a little extra mojo to meet your training and performance goals.

So, the Rhino is our logo and our inspiration for life.  

After establishing the company and our initial product line, we decided to pursue the second part of our dream-  To create a Team of diverse athletes who reflect the mission and goals of Baby Rhino.  So, we published an application for Team Rhino, and were overwhelmed with responses!  After considering all of these incredible applicants, we birthed Team Rhino.  Our Tribe is a group of amazing athletes, from all over the world and all walks of life, who train and compete in a variety of sports, each accomplishing their own extraordinary goals.  These Baby Rhinos are incredible humans who give back to their communities, paying it forward, and are beautiful role models.  We are so grateful to have them in Our Tribe, Our Ohana, and can't wait to share their adventures with the world! 

Now that we have officially launched Baby Rhino, we have received incredible support and feedback that has exceeded our expectations!  Our first collection we launched pays homage to Hawaii and our beloved Kona, where we established a plan to follow our dreams, and we can't wait to share our upcoming collections!

I never would have thought this were possible and owe it all to My Love, My Partner, My Original Baby Rhino!  We are so grateful for the blessings God has given us to be able to follow our dreams and for our amazing Team Rhino, Our Ohana.  With that, I encourage you all to follow your heart, follow your dreams, and "pursue love, not fear..."

Carpe Diem!

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